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Our vision

To influence the learning outcomes of university students of the Early Childhood and Primary Education degree by incorporating innovative experiences that intertwine art and education through collaborative learning between students, artists, teachers and children.

Our Mission

To share and promote inclusive creative artistic experiences to the entire child population, especially those most vulnerable and who have fewer opportunities to experience quality proposals.

Our goal

To create products and pedagogical material to facilitate the training and implementation of the experiences for university students so that they, in turn, can train teachers and other education professionals together with artists, to include the art of Integrated form in the university and other educational and cultural institutions.

General Aims

To improve the level of competences among students of Early Childhood and Primary Education degrees of the universities of the consortium, by training them in quality aesthetic practices in education

To bring high quality contemporary art in early childhood education, preschools and primary schools, improving children creativity and critical thinking To bring high quality contemporary art closer to early childhood and primary education centres

To promote opportunities for participation in cultural experiences, reducing inequalities in their access following three principles: interaction, participation and democracy in educational contexts

Specific Aims

To offer students of Early Childhood and Primary Education specific training in more diverse teaching styles, and adapted to contemporary cultural contexts

To influence lifelong learning through the intersection of cultural agents and educators, in order to develop a more holistic, inclusive conceptual framework of participatory artistic education

To explore the potential of new training and teaching methodologies, such as peer learning

To promote intercultural awareness through mobility and cooperation between the organization of the consortium


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