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In this section, that will be updated during the project, you can find the results related to each Intellectual Output: IO1- Methodological guide; IO2- Open-access pedagogical audio-visual material; IO3- Virtual artistic museum; IO4- Peer learning methodology; IO5- Training course for education students; IO6- Research on peer learning methodology.

IO1- Methodological guide

It will be in open-access digital format and will also have a printed version. The guide will be made up of different chapters, which will bring together all the evidence of this innovative learning ...

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IO2- Open-access pedagogical audio-visual material

Pedagogical material, in audio-visual format, derived from the projects and experience of each participating partner. It will be a compendium of some of the activities carried out through different ...

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IO3- Virtual artistic museum

It will include different projects of hybridization of art and education carried out by the different partner, as well as contents of some Intellectual outputs of the project. This output will bring ...

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IO4- Peer learning methodology

Peer Learning experiences will be developed between children, teachers and artists, generating an interstitial space between Art and Education; where the observation, interaction and active ...

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IO5- Training course for education students

The objective of this product is to empower the students of Education from the 4 partner universities, so that they can have hybrid artistic experiences in their training. Later, through the ...

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IO6- Research on the peer learning methodology

An investigation of the implementation of the peer learning experience will be developed, to validate the quality of this methodology and to extract data for its greater dissemination in other ...

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Management Documents

Project Handbook - link...

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