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  • Bath Spa University is a leading UK university in creativity, culture and enterprise, with teaching and research strengths in arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, education and business.

  • laSala is a creation, exhibition, training, and research Arts Center aimed at 0-to-14-year-old-children.

  • The Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Bologna carries out, through disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, the functions related to scientific research and training activities aimed at educational processes in the school, extra-school and vocational training.

  • The University of Stavanger is a public, non-profit higher education institution situated on the south-east coast of Norway. The university has 12 000 students full and part time and 1 600 faculty and staff.

  • The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), is one of the major public universities in Spain. INTERSTICE project is carried out by Research Team in Childhood, Family and Education (ERIFE) and the Centre for the Research and Studies in Organizational Development (CRiEDO).