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Children are natural artists

Children are natural artists

On November 20th 2020 our colleague Penny Hay (BSU) delivered the conference “Children are natural artists in environments of encounter” in the framework of the “Festival el Més petit de tot”, organized by our partner “La Sala”.


In this conference, Prof. Hay shared the results of her collaborative research at Bath Spa University (UK) and discuss the topic addressed in her doctoral dissertation: “Children as Artists: how can adults to support children's artistic identities”.


Hay’s creative research, conducted with various artists and cultural professionals, claims the importance of the role of the adult as a companion in children’s learning. Throughout this research, Hay has developed a repertoire of creative pedagogical features that serve both to provide tools for children to develop an artistic identity, and to foster reciprocal exchange between educating artists and children as collaborative research.


The full conference is available here.


Check the full program of the festival here


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