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Transnational meeting & Training activity in Stavanger

Transnational meeting & Training activity in Stavanger
INTERSTICE partners are ready and exited to meet again on the 3rd October, in Stavanger (Norway), hosted by Kristen Halle and Siri Dybwik from University of Stavanger.
This meeting will be the perfect framewok to reviseall the intellectual outputs, being some of them in their almost definitive version; and to discuss the feedbacks that we're receving about them, in order to improve our work's quality.

Moreover, from the 4th to the 6th of October we'll participate in different training activities at the Faculty of Performing Arts, as well as visiting kindergardens and cultural settings. One pivotal experience will be the performance "Fugue Fantasy for bass, baritone and 15 babies", by dance company dybwikdans, at Elefantteateret.

Picture on the top by @morten_berentsen
Pictures below by Elisabeth Rovaer / Screen Story


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