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Multiplier event in Sabadell (BCN)

Multiplier event in Sabadell (BCN)
On the 19th of November 2022 the third multiplier event of INTERSTICE was held, at the Espai Cultura Fundació 1959, in Sabadell (Barcelona).

The materials that are the results of the project were presented to an audience of 70 people (teachers, professionals of cultural sector, artists, midwives and students of the master's degree in Psychology of Education from the UAB): detailes and updates were given about the methodological guide, the pedagogical audio-visual material and the Virtual Artistic Museum; and specially, two training processes were explained and discussed: the peer learning method, led by laSala; and the university training led by UAB, where artists, schools and cultural setting were involved.

After this presentation, a conference by pedagogue Núria Vives and coreographer Anne-Laure Rouxel was offered, titled "We are beings of movement" on pre-natal art.
Finally, participants discussed in a round table on the best practices while integrating culture and education, specifically for early childhood. Sílvia Blanch participated as co-coordinator of INTERSTICE, in order to share lessons learnt from the project.


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