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IO5 – University training. Workshop by laSala

IO5 – University training. Workshop by laSala

The intellectual output 5 of INTERSTICE project (training course for education students) is currently being developed in partnership with different schools, cultural centers and artists. After the participation of Rosa Llop, Hangar.org, Escola Sagarra and La Cappella, this week UAB students (degrees of Early Childhood and Primary Education) had a workshop with Helena Cabo from laSala.

The goal of the session was to deepen into the relationship between adult and child, through artistic languages and from presence, trust and enjoyment. To achieve this goal, the starting point are lived experiences by students, with children during their apprenticeships at school.

During the workshop, the work that laSala is developing within IO4 (Peer learning methodology) was presented. Later on, each student was asked to recall a memory with a child or group of children, and to write down the details of the memory, associating it with sensations, smells, temperatures, rhythms… Then, in group, they prepared a performance to represent the memory and all the bodily sensations. A joint reflection was developed around the relationships with the children and the ways that art offers to experience the encounter with the child from another perspective.


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