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Website available

Website available

Today we launch the website of the project “INTERSTICE - Encounters between artists, children and educators” with the aim to approach the activities we will be implementing in the following months to all those people interested in art, and specifically in the importance of art to enhance children education.


The project aims to influence the learning outcomes of university students of the Early Childhood and Primary Education degree by incorporating innovative experiences that intertwine art and education through collaborative learning between students, artists, teachers and children. These innovative experiences share promoting inclusive creative artistic experiences to the entire child population, especially those most vulnerable and who have fewer opportunities to experience quality proposals.


Based on the experience and positive results carried out in different educational and cultural partner institutions, the aim is to expand this model of innovation in the different European countries that participate in it. The results of the project include different products and pedagogical materials that will facilitate the training and implementation of the experiences for university students so that they, in turn, can train teachers and other education professionals together with artists, to include the art of Integrated form in the university and other educational and cultural institutions.


We invite you the check out our website, and send us any feedback!


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